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The Choice Between In-Home Care and Assisted Living: What to Consider

As loved ones age, families are faced with many considerations when deciding the best option for care. While we are passionate about delivering the best one-on-one home care in the Boerne area, we understand it may not be the choice for everyone; assisted living facilities (ALFs) are also an option many people choose. As a resource for you, we want to share some considerations when deciding which care option–home care or assisted living–is best for your loved one and family.

Did you know some families choose both home care and assisted living? More on that below, but first, let’s look at some considerations to take into account.

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Assisted living facilities provide structured social activities and scheduled events. They typically offer a variety of things to do, appealing to many interests. Consider your parents’ social preferences–do they enjoy socializing and group activities?

In-home care may be preferable if your parents value the familiarity and comfort of their own home and have a strong support network nearby. A regularly scheduled caregiver combined with friends or family members may provide the perfect balance of socialization with outings and visits. 

Living Space

Consider the space where your loved one will feel most comfortable. Living space sizes in an assisted living residence generally range from 250 sq. ft. to 600 sq. ft. for a room. ALFs vary widely in room options (private, double occupancy, multi-room suites).

Of course, your loved one’s home is the size that it is, with the distinction that it’s their home. A bedroom on the first floor is ideal or a room converted to a bedroom works well, too. A first-floor bath is also highly beneficial.

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Dementia Care

The choice between home care and assisted living facility care for dementia patients depends on various factors, including the individual’s needs, family circumstances, and available resources. Both options have advantages and drawbacks, and the decision should take into consideration these factors.

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The companionship of pets is such a comfort. Some living facilities do not allow pets, so be sure to inquire. Aging in place allows individuals to remain in the company of their beloved pets and benefit from the emotional support they provide.


Assisted living can mean more structure and scheduling; to some, this may feel like a loss of independence. Increased dependency on others can be hard to accept. Others will welcome it and enjoy lightening their responsibility of home ownership.

In-home care can allow seniors to do things when they want to and at their own pace. Days can unfold on their schedule, not a facility’s schedule. They can retain as much control over their lives as possible and receive exceptional one-on-one care.

Choosing Both Home Care and Assisted Living Facility

Did you know home care agencies can provide services at an assisted living facility? Providing one-on-one care to residents in an ALF is an excellent way to enhance their care plan. Our caregivers routinely visit assisted living facilities to provide one-on-one supplemental care to clients.

It doesn’t have to be an either-or decision; choosing both in-home care and assisted living can be the right option.  In fact, many families find that adding 8-12 hours/week of private care at an ALF can cost less than 24-hour home care.

If your family is looking at care options for a loved one, we can help. At Inspired Care Solutions, we thoughtfully consider your unique situation, anticipated costs, and help you weigh the options. Reach out today to start the conversation.

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