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What are the Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease? 


is a broad term used to describe an individual’s change in thinking, reasoning, or memory such that it interferes with daily life. Dementia can be a symptom of many different diagnoses such as Huntington’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and Lewey Body Dementia.

Recognizing the need for assistance for an Alzheimer’s patient is an important step toward ensuring their safety, comfort, and quality of life. When we conduct a care consultation with families of Alzheimer’s patients, we listen intently and observe closely to fully understand their unique set of circumstances. There are times when an in-home care plan fits perfectly into a family’s situation. There are also times when a patient would be better served in a facility, usually because of the advanced stage of the disease. As Alzheimer’s disease progresses, there is often an increased need for medical attention and a growing concern for the safety of the patient, family members, and/or caregivers.

Alzheimer’s disease progresses through seven stages, each with its own set of symptoms and challenges. These stages are a general guide, and the progression can vary for each individual. Here are the seven stages often used to describe the typical progression of Alzheimer’s disease:

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Stage 1: Before Symptoms Appear (No impairment)

In this stage, there are no visible signs of memory problems or cognitive issues. The person functions independently, and their memory and cognitive abilities are normal for their age, but changes in the brain are taking place.

Stage 2: Basic Forgetfulness (Very Mild Cognitive Decline)

This stage is often seen as part of normal aging, where mild memory lapses occur. You may find yourself asking  “Is it forgetfulness or dementia?”  These lapses may include forgetting names, misplacing keys, or losing track of everyday items. These occasional memory lapses do not significantly interfere with daily life and may not be immediately noticeable to loved ones.

Stage 3: Noticeable Memory Difficulties (Mild Cognitive Decline)

At this stage, symptoms become more noticeable to both the individual and those close to them. Memory lapses and cognitive issues become more frequent and may include:

Stage 4: More Than Memory Loss (Moderate Cognitive Decline)

Moderate Alzheimer’s is typically when a diagnosis can be made with more certainty. Symptoms in this stage include:

Stage 5: Decreased Independence (Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline)

During this stage, individuals may need help with daily activities as symptoms worsen. Some common symptoms include:

Stage 6: Moderately Severe Alzheimer’s Disease (Severe Cognitive Decline)

In this stage, individuals may need constant supervision and professional care. Symptoms often include:

Stage 7: Lack of Physical Control (Very Severe Cognitive Decline)

This final stage is the most severe. Individuals may lose the ability to communicate, recognize their environment, or control movement. They require round-the-clock care and support. Symptoms include:

It’s important to remember that the progression of Alzheimer’s disease can vary widely from person to person, and these stages serve as a general guide. Not everyone will experience all of these symptoms, and the pace at which the disease progresses can differ significantly. Additionally, care and treatments can help manage symptoms and improve the quality of life at each stage.

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Care for the Caregivers

Taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient can be draining–physically, mentally, and emotionally. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of self-care for those providing care for a loved one. Caregiver burnout is a very real byproduct of caregiving. We encourage you to stay aware of how you are caring for yourself. Ask yourself:

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