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5 Steps to Managing Medications and Supplements

Medication Statistics

  • 82% of American adults take at least one medication and 29% take five or more
  • 1.3 million emergency department visits and 350,000 hospitalizations are due to medication errors annually
  • $3.5 billion is spent on extra medical costs annually because of medication error
  • Older adults (65 years or older) are twice as likely to go to the ER for adverse drug events (over 450,000 emergency visits each year) and nearly seven times more likely to be hospitalized after an emergency visit.

Source: Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Many individuals, particularly senior adults or those with complex medication regimens, can experience confusion about when and how to take their prescriptions. This confusion may stem from factors such as having multiple medications, dosing schedules, and instructions from different healthcare providers. 

Managing medications and supplements for yourself or someone else can become confusing as the number of prescriptions or supplements increases, new health challenges arise, or cognitive functioning decreases. We’ve compiled a list of 5 steps to safely manage medications and supplements. 

Medication Management Services

1. Make a master list of everything you or your loved one is taking.

2. Use a pillbox or automated system.

Pill organizers can help individuals organize their medications by day and time, reducing the likelihood of missed doses or incorrect administration.

3. Choose one pharmacy and stick with it.

4. Communicate with your doctor.

5. Discard expired medications.

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Consequences of Medication Errors

Having a medication management system in place is essential to minimize errors. Missed doses, incorrect dosages, or taking medications at the wrong times can all have serious consequences.

Addressing medication confusion and home medication errors requires collaboration between healthcare providers, pharmacists, patients, and caregivers. By following proper medication management practices, you can avoid unnecessary health complications, expenses, and hospitalizations.

Medication Management Services

Inspired Care Solutions can help you navigate the complexities of your medication regimen. We offer precise medication management to ease our clients’ worries and guard against complications due to prescription confusion. We can determine the best pill planner to use, organize pill planners, maintain a current list of medications, and handle prescription refills. We remove medication confusion and the worry that can come with elderly adults managing multiple prescriptions.

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